Retirement savings


With high earnings potential and great tax advantages, people who live and work abroad have a fantastic opportunity to reach their retirement goals.

The benefits of an offshore pension

  • More flexible than onshore pensions, so they can adapt as life changes
  • Tax-free growth
  • No need to buy an annuity when you retire
  • No minimum retirement age
  • The whole fund can be taken as a lump sum… so you can take the benefits when you want, and how you want them.

Why you should talk to RG of International Advisors about your retirement plans:

  • Long-term financial planning is the backbone of our business
  • We have the skills and experience to create bespoke pensions plans for any situation
  • Our exclusive arrangements with a global network of institutions means we offer class-leading pension wrappers and services
  • We really understand what it’s like living and working abroad… after all, we’re expats too

Many expats will enjoy a secure retirement in the future – but only if the decisions they make today are based on good advice.

Four steps to a successful retirement plan

  • A ‘fact-finding’ meeting with your local financial planning consultant to discuss your current situation, commitments, future prospects… and your objectives
  • Your consultant will prepare a full financial plan that details our recommendations, and agreed with you
  • When you’re ready to go ahead, we’ll help out with practical things, like completing forms
  • You’ll be contacted every now and then to find out if your situation has changed, to identify if your plans need to change accordingly

And of course, you can call your consultant or the admin team any time if you want to discuss your plans or policies.

Our experts can help you achieve the secure retirement you’re looking for. Get in touch today.